It’s so Doggone Purrrty! TM

Pet Products with an Attitude Cause we luv ‘em

151 West 25th Street 8th Floor * New York, New York 10001-7204

(212) 242-0525 Fax: (212) 242-0988

"Listen here all you two leggeds - wanna get sumthin really nice for you and me? "…
Call Marsha at:

1 (212)242-0525 in NY

1 (800)269-7230 elsewhere

Besides decorative collars and leads they have stuff I really want …ya hear?

Stuff for 4 leggeds, and 2 leggeds who luv 4 leggeds!

Bye ya’all…
come again.

And don’t forget a neutered pet is a happy pet. This also prevents the current killing of millions of unwanted pets due to bad behavior by two leggeds. Please call FOA (Friends of Animals) for free information about low cost spay/neuter programs at:

1 (800) 321-PETS..

do the right thang, OK?

What we have: Decorative Collars and Leads / Pet and People Jewelry / Cats and Dogs with Sweaters & Furniture / Gift Packages for You and Your Pet including: Toys, Nail Clippers, Twirling Teeth Combs, Treats, Rawhide Bones, Key Chains / St. Francis of Assisi (Patron Saint of Animals) Items including: Statues, Cards, Bookmarks, Prayer Card / Tapestry Pillows and Pictures ….Any Requests?

Contact Marsha at:

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Signed: DOGGONE & PURRRTY…. Awe shucks

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